Wednesday, 20 February 2013

London Haul

Hello! I thought I would share all the things I bought while I was away in London. I didn't have a list of things I wanted to get it was just the case of looking around and picking up anything that caught my eye.  Anyway, on with the post

Gold Cross Necklace
I picked this up from the Gogo Phillip stand in Topshop. I've recently had an obsession with any jewellery in the shape of a cross as you will see later on in this post
M and M Necklace
After visiting M and M World I thought it was only right that I pick up something other than just chocolate and therefore I picked this cute little necklace.
Faux Leather Bag
This little beauty was from Primark and was a bargain at only £10. The picture definitely does not do it justice. It is a huge bag which will be perfect for school as I am always struggling to fit all my books in my current bag.

All of these were purchased in Primark and as you can see there's a recurring theme of crosses. Like I said I have a slight obsession that seems to be slowly getting out of hand but I definitely won't be cutting down on it any time soon.

Another purchase from Primark. I was originally planning on buying this particular jacket. However the other jacket was not available in my size and so I settled for this army style instead. 

Red Hat
I already have a huge collection of beanie hats but I didn't see any harm in adding to the collection. This was from Topshop and was in the sale for only £7. 
Zombie Hat
I have always loved anything zombie related and when I saw this hat in the London Bridge Experience gift shop I knew I had to have it. I have worn it almost everyday since I bought it and everyday I have at least five people comment on it.

Skull Scarf
I bought this in Primark and it is an infinity style scarf. I prefer infinity scarves more than normal scarves because I feel like they keep me much warmer which is perfect when it is this cold in the UK.
I love it when you can see the top of your socks out of the top of your boots and when I saw these little tie-dye beauties I kept thinking about how cute they would look. The little frills at the top of the socks add a nice girly touch to the socks.

Anything studded will always be a huge hit with me. If I see studs on a piece of clothing I am instantly attracted to that piece and it's definitely a struggle to pull me away from it. All three pairs were from Primark and were all bargains.

I am currently trying to build up my collection of denim shorts so that I have plenty for summer. Both of these pairs were from Primark and were both £12. 

I have been looking for a leather jacket for so long. Being a picky person I have struggled to find one I really like. However the day finally came when I was looking through Camden Market. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw it. I instantly knew I had to have it. It's so soft and so comfortable, I can't wait to get loads of wear out of it.

All three tops were from Primark. The two patterned ones are my favourite and are so comfortable. The material is so soft and to top it all off they have studs on them!

Overall I'm definitely happy with everything I purchased and I'm so excited to start wearing it all. I probably won't be doing much shopping for a while so that I can do some saving up but we all know what a struggle that can be! ;)


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  1. you picked up some lovely stuff, along with all of the bargains.
    Great haul!
    Check out my blog!:)