Thursday, 7 March 2013

Boots Haul

Hey everyone! Today I thought I would share with you the few things I purchased from boots. If you read my post last week you will know that I've have been pretty ill recently which has led to me feeling pretty down and we all know what puts a girl in a better mood. Retail therapy! So I headed straight onto the boots website to purchase some new makeup as I haven't bought any makeup in what feels like forever. I have been in this routine recently where I have been trying to use up as many products as I can. However I have read about so many amazing products on blogs over the past few months and also there were some great offers on the boots website, as there always are, and so I just couldn't resist making a cheeky little order.
I'm sure you have probably read about all of these products already on other blogs but I thought I would go ahead and show you anyway.

Soap and Glory Wash Your Hands Of It
I am a firm lover of Soap and Glory products and also I am very particular when it comes to hands washes. Whenever I buy a new product I instantly have to smell it, if I do not like the smell there is a large chance that I will not like the product. However I love the smell of all Soap and Glory products I have tried so far and this is no different. It has a lovely fruity scent and I'm excited to place this in my bathroom and get some good use out of it.
Good Things Bright Eyes Eye Cream
Recently I have been having quite a few problems with my sleeping routine. This has led to me having quite bad under eye circles and experiencing a large amount of puffiness under the eyes. Therefore this cream sounded perfect for me as it claims to be 'anti puffiness and dark circles'.

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick 107
Over the past few months I have heard so many people raving about this lipstick and for so long I resisted buying it. However this lipstick just sounded perfect for me! I love matte lipsticks and also deep berry coloured lipsticks so how could I go wrong. I am so excited to try it out and will be sure to do a full review to let you know whether it lives up to all the claims.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick 14 'Pretty Prune' 
Again this lipstick is extremely similar to the rimmel one but when you find something that works for you, you stick to it, right? After swatching this lipstick my first impressions are very good. I am extremely impressed with the pigmentation and the creaminess. I cannot wait to actually wear it out.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
My current mascara is beginning to run out and as I used to absolutely love this mascara I thought I would pick it up ready for when my current one runs out completely. I have tried so many mascaras but  this one has always stood out for me and I can't wait to start using it again.
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
I'm pretty sure everyone in the beauty community has heard about this concealer. It is a staple beauty product for many. I have tried it in the past and I remember loving it however I  changed up my makeup routine and that meant getting rid of this concealer. Now it's back and I'm ready to try it out again and hopefully fall in love with it again.
Mint 'Balmi' Lip Balm
I have always wanted to try the EOS lip balms but they are unavailable in the UK. I read about this lip balm on another blogger's post and instantly knew I had to get it. Clearly it resembles the EOS lip balms in it's shape as it is also a domed shaped lip balm. The scent is gorgeous and on first impressions it goes on extremely smoothly and is very moisturising. I'm pretty confident in saying that this will become a handbag essential for me.
Rimmel Apocalips in 'Nude Eclipse'
The Rimmel Apocalips have also been well documented by many bloggers recently and I have only heard good things about them. I only bought one to try out but depending on how I get along with this one I may be heading back to boots to pick up some more. Nude Eclipse is the perfect nude colour for everyday.
Maybelline Superstay 10 Hour Tint Gloss in 'Timeless Plum'
I am a firm lover of stains as I do not like to have to reapply lip products throughout the day especially when I am at school and rushing around. I am forever trying out different stains to try and find the best. This caught my eye and I cannot wait to give it a try and see whether it can last all day.

Have you bought any new makeup recently? Have you tried any of these products?



  1. I love soap and glory products, they smell yummy :)
    .Georgina Clare.