Saturday, 20 April 2013

Where have I been?

It's been almost two weeks since my last post and you're probably wondering why I haven't made another post. There is a couple reasons for this and the main one being school!

It's getting close to exam season and that means lots of revision. With revision comes stress and we all know how hard it can be to deal with stress. For me when I start stressing I can't focus on anything else other than the things that are stressing me out. Which in turn stresses me out even more. 
Now that I've been back at school for two weeks I'm beginning to settle into my revision and school routine. This means I will hopefully be able to start being much more consistent again with my posts. I will try my best to have new posts on a regular basis every week.

School + Revision + Exams = my kind of nightmare. It can be so hard figuring out how to juggle your time. As exams get closer our stress levels rise to extortionate levels. I am going to try and share some of my personal tips and tricks that I have learnt to help deal with the stress of revision and exams.
  • Get Rid Of Any Distractions! We've all experienced it, finally starting to get on a roll with our revision when our phone or computer goes off. 5 minutes turns into 15 minutes which turns into forgetting completely about our work. Try to leave your phone and computer in a different room to avoid this. Also try not to have a tv playing in the background because any tv show can make it incredibly hard to maintain concentration.
  • Take Breaks! Breaks are essential when revising.  Shorter intervals are much more effective because our brain can stay focused for the entire time. I tend to work for about 40 minutes and then have a 10 minute break. During my break I usually go and have a glass of water because staying hydrated is immensely important.
  • Stay Organised! Being organised and prepared is key. Make a revision timetable and be sure to leave enough time to study for each exam. You don't want to leave revision for an exam too late because this will instantly double your stress levels.
  • Make Time To Relax! You need time to yourself whatever that may be for you. Going for a walk, having a bath, going to a concert. You need a chance to have some time to yourself and to let yourself breath a little.

How do you deal with revision and exam stress?


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  1. Good luck in your exams :)